[TabRoom] Small but important release

Chris Palmer palmer at tabroom.com
Mon Dec 1 22:53:37 EST 2008

===CHANGES RELEASED 12.1.08====


	Fixed (at last) the Huge Housing Bug, which deleted all housing
	requests for all the other students in a competitor's event when you
	dropped a competitor from the tournament.  This proved to be a
	simple bug in the end; the trouble was that people kept reporting it
	to me as "housing went away when i was moving housing around" when
	it actually happens when you dropped a kid from the tournament
	overall, not just their housing request.  Ah well.

	Now onto figuring out the Great Kentucky Round Massacre of 11/22.

	Also fixed a couple of minor housing errors.

	Added a drop shadow effect to make it less likely for you to click
	on the wrong button.


	Made some visual tweaks to the housing interface.

	Made a way for a tournament director to remove a housing request
	directly from the housing master list.

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