[TabRoom] Changes released 12.9.08

Chris Palmer palmer at tabroom.com
Tue Dec 9 11:29:32 EST 2008

===CHANGES RELEASED 12.9.08====


	- At last, a functional printable room master is available under
	  Panel->assign rooms.  
	  However, due to limitations on the printing system, times are
	  counted in 15 minute time segments.  If you schedule your
	  timeslots to end in times other than on the 15s (0, 15, 30, 45)
	  the thing won't print for now.  
	  Note that it is no longer necessary to schedule rounds to end 5
	  minutes or so before the start of the next round in order to use
	  rooms or judges back to back; the Settings->Judge back to back
	  rounds does this instead.

	- Fixed a weird bug where bizarre extra panels were created by the

	- Fixed a bug where people using the quality of competition
	  tiebreaker after those thousands of extra panels had been created
	  would grind the system to a screaming halt.  This confused the
	  hell out of everyone involved, and caused chaos and bloodshed at
	  Princeton this weekend.  

	  Since I was at the beach at the time it was discovered, I was
	  unable to fix it until after the tournament.  Chavez and Barb G
	  pulled it through on time anyway.  Computers only take us so far
	  in tab; good humans are needed to drive things too.

	- Fixed a bug where adding a preset elimination round after the
	  prelims were paneled would result in all the information
	  pertaining to said prelims rounds would be stripped out entirely
	  from the database.  This bug is what caused the Great Kentucky


	- Added a Pre-panel elims menu under Panel which allows the batch
	  creation of a bunch of pre-paneled rounds, instead of having to
	  slog through each event individually to do so.

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