[TabRoom] Changes released 12/17/08

Chris Palmer palmer at tabroom.com
Wed Dec 17 23:21:35 EST 2008

I'd like to personally apologize to anyone who's tried to email me in
the last three weeks; I've been really swamped.  We're moving offices at
work, and I had a trip on the 4th-7th and sheesh, sometimes it just goes
like that.

I have yet to purchase a single present, despite the fact that my
parking at work is actually in a mall's garage.

So today I sat down and wrote in some features that I've been wanting to
do for myself for a while.  I hope they're useful to you as well.  And I
hope everyone enjoys, or at least sufficiently tolerates, whichever
december holidays they celebrate, if any.


=====CHANGES RELEASED 12.17.08======


	- Added under the Breaks screen a way to easily re-break a round if
	  you've screwed something up in breaking.  This option lets you
	  either clear the last elim in an event of all the kids
	  (maintaining preset judge assignments and rooms) or just delete
	  the round altogether.

	- Added a function in the comp edit screen to switch a competitor's
	  event quickly without having to do the drop & add rigamarole.

	- Added support to ask coaches register piece titles on a per-event
	  basis.  Piece titles will appear in the output for Register->
	  Events both printed and on screen.  The system does not yet
	  support paneling NFL districts, so it will not take identical
	  piece titles into account to avoid students doing the same piece
	  hitting each other in rounds.

	- Postings for rounds with more than 3 judges or 6 kids in the round
	  used to bleed over onto a 2nd page.  This was annoying; I fixed it
	  so now you need more than 8 kids and/or 6 judges to cause a 2 page
	- Added a feature under Panel->Judges that will allow you to set, on
	  a round-by-round basis, how many judges you want in a given round
	  of an event.  This setting is for tournaments like the Holly which
	  have a surplus of underused judges but not quite enough to do 2
	  judges panels in every room.  Using these settings, you now have
	  the option to set a tournament up such that every student gets 4
	  or 5 ballots during 3 prelim rounds, for example.

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