[TabRoom] Start-of-year Updates

Chris Palmer palmer at tabroom.com
Mon Sep 6 18:35:43 EDT 2010

Updates to tabroom.com posted 9/6/10:

	- Yeah, so i've been terrible at keeping up with the changelog.  It's been
	  a fun year.  There have indeed been changes over the last 16 months.  The
	  highlights include these, which have been rolled out up to and including

	- Schematics uses a tabbed interface which is easier to navigate.

	- Setting up a pre-prepared elim round is done directly on the schemtic

	- It is now possible to edit the MFL Standard Events screens from the
	  League Administrator's page; before I did this in the database by hand
	  which was Not Much Fun, let me tell you.

	- User editable public websites with a tabbed interface.  Edit on
	  Setup->Website in the tournament director's side.  You can add pages,
	  content, and postings.

	- Users can request tournaments of league administrators directly within
	  Tabroom.com; no need any longer for the league admin to enter the
	  information themselves.

	- Postings are fancier and PDF files can be uploaded to them so TRPC
	  postings or whatever can be included in the fun.

	- The main page also has a tabbed interface that thus far has proven much
	  easier for people who are familiar with Tabroom to navigate and much
	  harder for newbies to do so.  There will likely be a first-timer's
	  induction thing added shortly to help the new folks along.

Happy tabbing!

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