[TabRoom] Updates released 9/19/10

Chris Palmer palmer at tabroom.com
Sun Sep 19 22:34:37 EDT 2010

===CHANGES RELEASED 9.19.10====


	- Patriots lose to the Jets.  Universe trembles, possibly ending soon. 

	- Added a hopefully more intuitive and definitely more visually clean
	  tabbed interface to the registration screens within a tournament. 

	- Added a total-counter to the MJP preferencing system so people can see
	  where they are. 

	- Added a warning screen when people are about to drop an entry in a time
	  period where they can't re-add the kid (if the event is waitlisted, or
	  it's past the add deadline, or something of that nature).


	- Dropping a kid now also drops the housing attached to that kid, after a
	  suitable warning. 

	- Fixed a bug where banners and logos of public websites were not showing

	- Fixed a bug with editing the student roster (ticket #1548);

	- The process when someone first creates a tabroom.com account now features
	  clearer instructions and a walk-through so I don't get more critical
	  emails from new coaches angry that my freely provided service isn't up to
	  their standards.  Not that I'm bitter.

	- The league joining screen is considerably cleaned up.  I kinda hated the
	  old one and it was a frequent point of confuson for new users. 

	- Added in a feature where you will no longer see the error screens as a
	  user.  When an error occurs, you will instead see an explanatory screen,
	  and the error message will instead be automatically logged into my bug
	  tracking system where I, the only human in the world to whom those error
	  messages mean anything, can deal with them immediately.


	- Fixed a bug that was causing automatically school fees to not apply
	  correctly all the time.


	- Fixed a bug where school codes were not auto-generated when using the
	  auto-increment method.


	- Added in manual adjustment of the size of ballot labels.  Click the link
	  next to where you print ballot labels to mess around with label
	  dimensions to suit your individual printer & PDF software.

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