About Tabroom.com


The goal of Tabroom.com is to provide a tournament management system to debate and speech tournaments worldwide, for as many formats of debate as possible.  Hosting and support is provided by the National Speech & Debate Association.

The Tabroom system can pair IE and debate events, including Congressional debate. It handles public pairings, enables judges to enter decisions and scores online, and publishes and track results all online. You can also run a tournament totally offline with Tabroom; online features are optional. Tabroom also supports World's Schools format debates and World's University (British Parliamentary) format debates.

If you have a format of debate that isn't on our list, please let us know at help@tabroom.com. Please also test your format if you do not know that Tabroom has run your format or rules successfully before. There are a lot of settings in Tabroom but we cannot promise it will run your particular form of speech or debate without testing before your tournament


The Tabroom system began as two projects; the CAT (Computer Assisted Tab) and Tabroom.com.

The new integrated tabulation system and features were supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations.  Tabroom support is now being supported and sponsored by the National Speech & Debate Association (formerly the National Forensic League).